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Photometric facial data of your Igbo Nigerian adult men

Posted by evaborines on November 21, 2022
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Photometric facial data of your Igbo Nigerian adult men


A thoroughly performed face analysis may serve as a powerful foundation to own winning face reconstructive and escort services in Santa Ana synthetic surgeries, rhinoplasty or orthodontics.

The reason for this study is always to determine the fresh new facial possess and you can features of one’s Igbo Nigerian mature male having fun with photometry.

Content and methods:

One hundred and twenty sufferers aged between 18 and you can 28 many years was examined at the Anambra County University, Uli, Nigeria. The fresh frontal and proper horizontal glance at images of the face were drawn and you may tracked on tracing files. Throughout these, two vertical ranges, nasion to subnasal and you can subnasale in order to menton, and you may four angles, nasofrontal (NF), nasofacial, nasomental (NM) and you may mentocervical, was in fact counted.


The result showed that the brand new Igbo Nigerian mature male got an effective middle face which had been faster compared to the down one (% compared to.%), a method glabella (NF=°), an estimated nostrils (NM=°) and a less popular mouth (NM=°). Continue Reading

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