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How do dating apps work when you’re queer?

Posted by evaborines on November 23, 2022
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How do dating apps work when you’re queer?

In an age where everything can be ordered at our fingertips – whether it be food, COVID-19 tests, or dates – are we realizing a more efficient and effective reality when it comes to dating? Is the ease in which we can swipe through options of local singles hindering the quality of finding what we are looking for? Both of these questions become more complicated when seen through the lens of sexuality.

Ari, a third-year student whose name has been changed for anonymity due to them not being out to their family, offered insight into their experience of being queer on various dating apps, including Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, and Grindr.

Ari said that there is an inherent community associated with being queer on dating apps – a distinction that is absent when you are straight and using dating apps.

“That can be a really affirming thing to see a community and see the people that are in it, but that can also be very terrifying because it casts a spotlight on you,” Ari said. “[Given] my identity as a person of color, and also [being] queer, I am very very aware of other queer people around me.”

Dating apps have consistently received criticism for their perpetuation of hookup culture, a phenomenon that encourages college-aged students to abandon the concept of long-term relationships and pursue multiple sex-based encounters. Continue Reading

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